How To Retrieve A Lost Love And Save Your Relationship

If you are constantly fighting and getting into conflicts
with the love of your life, and are always wondering why
your girlfriend or wife can never understand you, you can do
something to bring back the passion in your relationship
with her. The results you want may not be instant; in fact,
anything which promises you overnight success is always

However, your desired results will come surely and
certainly, just as the sun would rise from the East every
morning, if you would put in the right effort, patience and

Here are some simple strategies to get you started, and
before long, you should be able to break the barriers of
stubborness, of blindness, and of bitterness in your
relationship with your loved one, and replace them with
feelings of affection, warmth, laughter and love for you.


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1) BE the solution
Find out for yourself and understand the reasons which
bring about all the fightings, arguments, and even break-up.
You have the power to turn the relationship around to your
favor and create that long lasting and harmonious
relationship which you so desire.

Whatever difficulties or
obstables you are facing in your relationship right now,
know that if you change your attitude, your outer
environment will change as well. Be the solution, and start
watching miracles happen.

2) It’s about being the Right man
If you take your relationship seriously, are sure you
want to love this woman all your life, and even keep her by
your side, you have to decide to be the right man to her. By
this, I do not mean to say you have to change drastically
into something else and not being yourself anymore.

me, if you are not being yourself, no women would ever want
to be with you. Women love honest, trustworthy, and
committed men.

One of my clients whom I have worked with previously has
this to say: “If you are happy with the way I have done
something, just tell me so, don’t pretend to be happy just
to please me or pacify me.

And don’t pretend to be something
which you are not!” To be the right and true man, you just
have to understand what women want, and give it to her!
There is one immortal truth of life I would like to share
with you, and it is this: If you want to influence any
persons (including your love interest) to your way of
thinking, and to your way of doing things, give them what
THEY want!


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3) Women love romance more than what you think
Your woman loves romance, and she wants romance more than
you think she wants! To be romantic and sensitive to her
needs and wants is something which will come naturally to
most men during the courting and wooing phase of their
relationship with a woman.

During this period when he wants
a woman badly, he will want to do anything and everything to
win over her heart. He is eager to find out what turns her
on, her likes and dislikes, and what exactly will attract
her. So, what does a man usually do? He will try to be
attractive for the the women of their life! He never stops
dating and courting her, giving her unexpected surprises,
making her jump and squeak with delight. In addition, he
will try very, very hard not to do anything which will turn
her off, or which will not please her.

The truth is, your woman is still looking for romance and
your pampering, even after both of you have reached the
‘steady’ phase in a relationship. Thus, your woman can never
get tired of more romance and attention from you,
especially if she really love you. Bear this in mind.

4) Women put Love her Number One priority
“But she is so unreasonable”, “She is too controlling and
manipulative. She always wants to find out my whereabouts.
Who does she think she is? A detective?”, “She is so
damanding, wanting me to call her every single hour of the
day, and if I’m late, or I’ve forgotten to call, I’ve to
watch out!”. These are often the common complaints made by
many frustrated men who cannot seem to figure out what is
going on in their relationship. If you find yourself in
similar situation, here is a solution for you. First, you
have to understand women think and behave very differently
from men. You would not be able to change anyone, including
her, just as she cannot change you. It’s not within our
power to control or change another person. However, you can
try to understand your woman, and know why she thinks and
behaves as she does. With your newfound knowledge of this
woman, you’ll be able to strategise and know what to say and
how to react with the objective of bringing more harmony
and peace to your relationship.

For now, just try to understand that once women get into a
relationship, she will put Love her Number One priority.
Whatever she does, no matter how she says it, it is because
YOU are her number one priority right now! This is how she
sees love and defines love. If she wants you to call, that’s
because she wants to know that you are thinking of her, and
that she is loved. So, what you can do is, if you say you
will call 3 hours later, mean it, and don’t make excuses or
deny if you forget all about it. It means a lot to her. If
you cannot make the call during that point in time, make it
a point to let her know, or text her a message to say it is
inconvenient for you to call. If you take it lightly, and
can’t be bothered to call, guess what will happen? She will
be sitting at home feeling miserable and frustrated,
thinking whether you really love her and care enough to keep
your promise, and very likely she will end up wondering if
there is something very wrong with HERSELF!


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The factors leading to a relationship or marriage break-up
are often not because of the differences between men and
women. It is your attitude and methods of treating these
differences that matter.

If you will put in the heart and
soul to really understand your woman, and BE the solution,
you will be able to save your breaking relationship. To
create a long-lasting and harmonious relationship or
marriage, patience, tolerance, and perserverance are the

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