How To Get Back An Ex

There are a lot of ways on how to get back an ex. If your relationship came to an end and you were dumped, there is still hope. While most of the time getting dumped means your partner is done with your relationship, there is always a chance you can win them back.

There are a lot of methods out there to help you win back your ex, and none of them are guaranteed to work. All you can do is try your best and hope for the best. But there are four main steps you should try to follow in order to entice your ex into returning.

1: Acknowledge. Acknowledge that your relationship has come to an end. By accepting that it is over you can be objective and look at where it went wrong. You can try to look at it from your ex’s point of view and see why they decided to leave.


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Once you figure out where the problems lie, you can work to fix them. If you do not fix the problems that caused the split, you can not hope to get back together. So by fixing those problems up you improve your chances of your ex coming back to you.

2: Give it time. This is the second most important part on how to get back an ex. You need to give both yourself and your ex plenty of time to sort your thoughts and come to terms with the end of your relationship.

Take this time to enjoy life, hang out with friends or delve into a hobby you have always wanted to do. While fixing the problems are a good way of getting your ex back, changing yourself and showing them that you are happy and getting along fine is another important aspect of getting them back.

3: Do not beg. This is the single most important aspect of getting back together with your ex. You can not, under any circumstance, stoop to begging. This is the biggest hurdle right after a break up, we all feel desperate and willing to try anything to keep our ex and this results in begging. But you can not allow yourself to do this. It will just drive your ex further away which is not what you want.

4: Re-engage. Finally, when the time is right, you can initiate contact with your ex again. Do not come on too strongly, treat this as you would any new relationship since that is basically what it is. Show them the changes you have made and how you are happy with yourself and life.

So many relationships end because one party simply got bored and wanted new things. If you can show them you are able to spice things up and provide new experiences, they might be more likely to return.


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None of these steps are guaranteed to work since there is no fool proof plan on how to get back an ex. But if there is any hope of you getting back together, these steps can help maximize that and give you the best chance of success.

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